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Tom Wilson

Hello All!

I will not be able to join the gang at the reunion this summer...we will
be on a cross country trip to visit family homestead sites and
participate in a family reunion in Illinois.  I truly wish it were
Since I cannot be there, I'll take on Dan Lowe's challenge to write a
brief history of my life since Mater Cleri.  It is not likely that you
will find it interesting, but I think I shall enjoy telling it.
Let's see, four years of philosophy at GU (and BWS), followed by another
four of theology in Belgium, led to ordination in September of 78.  A
unique ceremony in that Bernard Topel came out of retirement to ordain my
Dad and I at the same ceremony.
I spent nearly a dozen years serving as a priest of the Spokane diocese,
not all of them happy.  I took a year off from priestly ministry in 1984
and worked as a framer with Gene George's construction company during the
day and a Social Worker for Child Protective Services at night. Finally,
in the Fall of 1990, I requested that Bishop Skylstad release me from
service.  He supported my decision and I moved to Santa Clara, California
where I earned a Masters degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.
I have worked with various agencies in California and Washington (lived
in the rain forest on the Olympic Penisula and served on the Crisis
Response Team with the Coast Guard when they lost their cutter off the
coast in the storm). I now enjoy part time employment as a counselor with
Catholic Community Services in Bellingham.  I also am employed (full
time) as Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation at the parish where I
live and worship (12 miles north of Bellingham in Lynden).  It is a
position which I share with my wife.
This July Rosemary and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. 
Our family name is "O'Brien Wilson". We have three daughters: Annarose
(7), Maryclare (5), and Lauralyn (2).  They are the joy of my life.
I regularly bump into JL Drouhard and Armando Guzman, and regret that I
have lost contact with most of you.  While in California I visited with
Mike "Bunkie" Truesdell who at the time owned an office supply company in

All in all I am happy and hope the same is often said of you.

In Christ,
Tom O'Brien-Wilson (aka. Tom Wilson)

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