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Mark Majeski


  After Mater Cleri closed, I graduated from Mead High School in 1976.  I attended Eastern Washington University and graduated in 1980 with a BA in English.  After working for several companies in the the Spokane area, I went back to school and earned my MA degree from Whitworth College and became a teacher in 1995.  For the past ten years I have taught at Mead High School where I currently teach American Literature and AP English.

   In 1984 Marcy and I married.  We have three children; Gabriel, who is a sophomore at Evergreen State College working toward a degree in visual arts, Brenna who is in her first year at the Art Institute of Seattle in the culinary arts program and Caleb, who is a sophomore at Mead High School.  We are rapidly becoming empty-nesters except for the fact we have four dogs and a parrot.

   My hobbies include woodworking, stained glass, scuba diving, home brewing and fencing.


Mark M.


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