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Michael Keifel


Here's a brief bio on my life:

I've been married to Kristi (Philippus) Kiefel since March 16, 1978. We

have five children: Kynde, Anthony, Dane, Gabriel, and Ben. I've been

teaching English and Journalism at Walla Walla Community College since 1991.

Following attendance at Mater Cleri, I majored in English at Gonzaga U.

Between college and graduate school, I lived in Richmond, VA. I went to

University of Cincinnati for grad school in literature, receiving an MA in

Lit. and finishing doctoral coursework. In June of 1978, I went to Taif,

Saudi Arabia where I taught English, then toured Europe for four months


After Kristi and I were married (with Fr. Roy Floch performing the

wedding ceremony at Gonzaga's Waikiki Retreat House), I worked various jobs

until I taught at Spokane Falls CC and Gonzaga University from 1980 till

1985. We moved to Aurora, CO. where I worked as a maintenance manager till

1988 when we returned to Spokane to family and friends.

These external bio. notes are merely useful bookmarks. The internal

changes have been immense and rich through the study of Shiatsu massage,

Aikido, Transcendantal Meditation, the Tao Te Ching, Jungian psychology,

various forms of natural healing, combined with an openness to reading

through intuition and the heart the day-to-day weather report of spiritual

evolution. I say, not from ego but from honest sensing, that while I would

enjoy seeing everyone at a reunion, I would feel no comfort in having anyone

assume that I gladly run through the old religious mazes with gleeful

conformity. I wish everyone well anyway.

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