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Jim Eggers


I heard about the website from Msgr. Steiner. I am a parishioner

at the Cathedral and also serve as head acolyte (and president of the

Pastoral Council) .

The Monsignor was at the latest ordination and I engaged him in a great

conversation. You see, I still carry around some baggage from my days up on

the hill in Colbert, and he helped me to realize that I was allowed to

forgive myself and push on. I also talked to the Bishop,he also was most

gracious and as always he continues to impress me as a man of God.

So, my life since Mater Cleri...

After graduating from Lewis &Clark HS in 1971, I joined the Marine Corps

Reserve to avoid being drafted into the army. After a year or so as a

reservist, I went on active duty and served in California and on Okinawa. I

returned to Spokane and knocked around on two or three jobs until 1981 when

I became a Firefighter for the City of Spokane.I retired last January, I

needed to have a liver transplant and even though it was a great success, I

still had a hard time just "flying a desk" for 40 hours a week. I contracted

Hepatitis C in 1988, from a work related exposure, and was lucky to qualify

and get a "new " liver on 6 May 2004.

 My family... my wife's name is Marianne Mishima, she was a local TV news

anchor who I met when she moved in next door to me in 1987. I was divorced,

raising a son and daughter and so was she, the kids are the same ages. Long

story short,we've been together ever since. Our sons are named Brooklin and

Nathan. "Bee" is 27 and married with two sons, Rylan and Treyvan.Their mom's

name is Chelsea. Don't get me started on my grandbabies; let's just use one

word: JOY! Nathan(also 27) is a recent grad of Gonzaga and is a biochemist

here in Spokane, he is engaged to Amber. Nate is a lucky guy; in 1996 he

broke his neck, but has recovered and walks with a slight limp.Fr. Mike

Venneri was just one of many men of faith to pray over him at Sacred Heart

MC. Our daughters are named Courtney and Rachel. They are 25,and live and

work in Seattle. Marianne and I are both retired and enjoy the freedom that

entails. I have many activities, my work at Our Lady of Lourdes, my

involvement with the Marine Corps League and Toys for Tots, and I am in the

horse racing business with one of my brothers in Seattle.I will see about

digging up a decent picture and figure out how to send that along, too.


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