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The following was sent by Dan Lowe on 1/21/2001

After Mater Cleri, I attended Bishop White Seminary for two years, and then completed by BA in psychology and philosophy at Gonzaga after I left Bishop White. While there, I got a motorcycle license endorsement and learned to ride Tom Wilson's motorcycle. I bought my own in 1974 and in April, 1975 was hospitalized for two months after a collision on Post Street with a truck going the wrong way. I still walk with a left leg paralyzed below the knee. God watched out for me saving my life as a man who had been a corpsman in the Korean war kept me from bleeding to death as my femoral artery was cut.

I decided I wanted to work as a psychologist. I attended Eastern Washington University in Cheney for two years to get a Master's degree in clinical psychology. Julie and I married in 1978 after I graduate and just before we moved to Bowling Green, Ohio for 3 years so that I could complete a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Julie had Lisa, 3, at the time. She is now 25, married 3.5 years and living north of Seattle. Aaron was born in 1979 after our first year of marriage. He is 21, living at home, and attending Washington State University in Richland.  In 1981, we moved to Napa, California for my one year predoctoral internship at Napa State Hospital. I also worked two more years there until 1994. Nathan, 19, was born in 1981. He is living at home and attending college.

We wanted to get back closer to Spokane where Julie and I both have family. I accepted a job as a clinical psychologist for the Hanford Nuclear facility in 1984 and have worked there  these almost 17 years. I have two great colleagues there. I also started a private practice in 1993 and have 3 great partners. I enjoy doing therapy with couples, families, and adolescents.  Julie works for the Richland School District as a remedial reading educational assistant. She is very good at this.

I have very good memories of the time in the seminary. God is very important to me. It took me about 6 years to sort through my faith and for the past 20 years I have worshiped as a Protestant in a Methodist church. I have continued to work at playing the guitar and sing at Men's retreats called Walk to Emmaus which came out of the Catholic Cursillo. I have run into some Catholic people who feel sad that I "left the church." However, I remind them that we all still love Jesus and God.

 Maybe other guys could send brief autobiographies in and these could be electronically shared with all. I would like to hear about others.

Your brother in Christ,

Dan Lowe


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