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From: Rev. Msgr. John M. Steiner 
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 11:15 PM
Subject: Mater Cleri Students Notice

Dear Mater Cleri Students,

During the last week the Bishop received information of an act or acts of sexual abuse, boundary violations, inappropriate  touching or criminal acts on the part of a person on the Mater Cleri staff.  To this point we had always taken some pride in the fact that no such behavior had ever been reported as taking place at Mater Cleri by the staff. 

The Bishop wants everyone to know his distress to learn such behavior took place at Mater Cleri.  He is so sorry about this.  We do not want in any way to hide this matter.   There is not reason to pretend it did not happen.

The Bishop's enduring concern about you and your lives draws us to ask both if there are other incidents that we do not know about and if you are aware of Mater Cleri students who were ever victims of such behavior?  Can you help us in the present situation by letting them know we have great concern about such behavior? 

In the context of the bankruptcy that the Diocese is going through we would urge them to review the material at the following web address   and/or make contact with

Father Steve Dublinski at the Catholic Pastoral Center (509-358-7303), or

Mary Butler, the victims assistance coordinator (509-353-0442), or

myself (509-924-3281), or the Bishop. 

This is a sad day for our memories of Mater Cleri, but if students were hurt in any way we must deal with that reality.  Our first care must be for them. 

Thanks for your assistance in passing the word and helping the Diocese of Spokane to meet its responsibilities. 

Father John Steiner and Bishop William Skylstad


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