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About this Website  by Kelly Hudgens

The Mater Cleri Alumni website was born in 2001 as I searched the internet to locate former Mater Cleri Seminarians for a reunion.  I commented to my brother, Shawn, that it would be nice to have a single website directory for Mater Cleri Alumni, and a place to share old photos.  Within a few weeks he generously unveiled to me the basic layout that became this web page. 

Shawn and I collaborated using various photographs and the information I had collected up to that point.  We published the web page, and the response was overwhelming and very positive.  Shawn then moved on to other projects and I began the entirely new experience of learning to manage an internet site.  I have, naturally, made many mistakes and errors in the process.   During the past few years, I have also achieved some improvements, and continue to do so, though I am still just a hobbyist.   Thanks for your patience with this project.

The Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory section presents the challenges of finding contact information and keeping it up to date.  Many alumni are not yet listed in the directory since no information is available for them at this time.  Some information may have changed since being published.  Currently, the directory contains the whole list of known contacts and a number of active links to related bios, e-mail addresses, and websites.   If any information in the directory needs to be updated, or new information added,  you must submit the changes to the webmaster.

This is a Non Commercial Site

This website is provided for the enjoyment of the Mater Cleri Seminary Alumni and does not sell advertising or conduct any business for profit.  No information contained here will ever be sold for any reason.  It is intended that access to this website will be free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it.  The expenses incurred in providing this website currently run about $400.00 per year and are paid by voluntary donations.  If you wish to make a contribution towards expenses you may do so by contacting the webmaster.

Thank You

This website is composed  of photographs and articles from many sources.  Much material is submitted by the Alumni members, but some historical and biographical material originates in other places.  Our gratitude is expressed to The Inland Register,  The Diocese of Spokane, Mt. Angel Abbey, Bishop White Seminary, and  others who have allowed us to gather information or to link to their web sites.  Thanks also to Al Gore for inventing the internet.


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