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Dan and Vickie Schmidt



I left MC because I realized at an early age that I wanted to spend my life with a beautiful lady. As it turned out that didn’t happen right away. First I had to run away to Seattle, get sidetracked by the drug scene, and get dumped by a girl who wasn’t right for me anyway. I eventually married the girl of my dreams in 1978. Vickie and I have been happy ever since (except for the short time we both went crazy). 

What have I been doing since then? Once I got married we settled down and raised three wonderful kids, Heather, Levi, and Kendra. Heather is married and has given us two grandchildren, Grant and Jordan. Levi works at Costco, and Kendra recently finished beauty school and is working at HairMasters and Ross. 

My wife is in sales and travels the world. I work for Ben Franklin Transit as a coach operator (that’s a bus driver) and travel the streets of the Tri-cities. I have been there since 1983 and have actually done very well. I compete in a driving competition known as the “Bus Roadeo” and have been the state champion six times. I also won the International Bus Roadeo three times. 

I scuba dive…in warm water only, and I love playing basketball to this day. Come on Tim Silvernail…I’m finally ready for you. 

The biggest change in my life is that I am now one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. No, it’s not a cult. My family really follows the Bible teachings, and we have learned so much from the scriptures. So who knows, one day you might find me at your door with a Scriptural thought to share with you.

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